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What is the LogixPro 500 PLC Simulator?

Combine our ProSim-II programmable process simulations with a PLC Editor/Emulator which mimics Allen-Bradley's (Rockwell) RSLogix 500, and you have LogixPro 500; a complete stand-alone PLC training system without the expense of a PLC.

LogixPro 500 is the ideal tool for learning the fundamentals of ladder logic programming. The look, feel and operation of LogixPro's ladder rung editor so closely mimics Rockwell's world renown PLC editing software, that many need a second look to be sure whose editor they're using. Of course the give-away is the window containing one of our ProSim-II Simulations. This is where LogixPro really out-shines typical PLC training setups employing a PLC connected to a handful of switches and lights. By graphically simulating process equipment such as conveyors, bottling plants, etc. in software, the synchronous and interactive nature of real industrial processes, presents the student with a far more realistic and challenging programming experience.



Obtaining LogixPro 500

The full version of our LogixPro 500 Simulator is available for download and free evaluation. What this means is that you can download and try out LogixPro 500 in a 15 day Trial Evaluation mode, and make up your own mind as to whether it's the most advanced PLC Simulator and best training value on the market today. While in the Trial mode of operation, LogixPro print and file save capability are disabled, and your are limited to the use of the I/O, Door, and Silo simulations. Even with these limitations you'll still find there's no lack of fun or challenge when creating your own programming solutions for LogixPro's life like process simulations.

Whether you're an instructor assigned to teach RSLogix, a Student studying PLCs, or you're just plain interested in learning what Allen-Bradley's RSLogix is all about, then you owe it to yourself to give LogixPro 500 a try! ... Take a look at the growing list of LogixPro Users and see what they have to say.


What does LogixPro 500 cost?

LogixPro was developed by educators who wished to offer students the ability to hone their PLC programming skills,, when,, and where they pleased... With this in mind, we currently offer LogixPro 500 configured for single computer operation, at the educational price of $38 (US funds) per computer/license..

We're convinced that you're going to find LogixPro to be one of today's great training values, and as a registered owner; you'll also benefit from 2 years of free software updates, and technical support.


DownLoading the LogixPro 500 Simulator   ......   (Download Now!)

LogixPro 500 makes significant use of graphics, but typically clicks along at a good rate on any reasonably modern WinXP through Win10 system. A minimum display setting of 800x600 is best, and Windows' default small font setting is required. If you don't have sound, LogixPro will still operate, but you will miss out on some of the fun.

The Trial Evaluation Mode of operation is primarily intended for testing and evaluation. Keep in mind, that LogixPro has been designed to augment and enhance PLC training programs, not replace them. What LogixPro does do however; is it eliminates the dependency on having a PLC, RSLogix, and a host of electrical components in order to conduct State of the Art PLC training.

For those unfamiliar with RSLogix, we've included a sample program file for the Silo Simulation to get you started. When you have LogixPro running select the Silo Simulation, then click Load in the File Menu and select the file "silo.rsl" which is in the LogixPro directory. Once it is loaded and you can see the ladder rung program, you can then "GoOnline" and "DownLoad" the program to the PLC (emulator). At this point you can place the PLC into the "RUN" mode. If all goes well, just clicking on the silo simulations START push-button should get the whole process going. To make changes to your program, just place the PLC into the "PGM" mode to enable editing, and once complete, just "Download" again to the PLC before attempting to "RUN" again.

For additional help with RSLogix addressing or instructions, go to the LogixPro .... Student Exercises and Documentation page located on this site. Also remember to try clicking on rungs, instructions etc with your right mouse button, to find those popup editing menus etc. that have made RSLogix so popular.



........ The Perfect Tool for Enhancing PLC Training Courses. ........



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