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PLC Training Simulator

Professor Bill's Original PLC Emulator
c/w Animated Process Simulations

 Free Student Copy!  (678 KB)


Allen Bradley PLC Simulator
Hands-On Programmable Logic Controller Training
Without the PLC


What is the PSIM PLC Simulator.?

PSIM is actually three distinct programs combined into a single package. First, PSIM contains a PLC Ladder Logic editor that allows users to create and edit PLC programs using Allen Bradley PLC-2 family instructions. Secondly, PSIM emulates the scanning sequence of a PLC. When placed into the "RUN" mode, the users program is scanned and the appropriate I/O is updated just as would occur in an actual PLC. Thirdly, PSIM contains a number of animated simulations which respond accurately to the inputs, and outputs of the emulated PLC. A conveyor based filling line, Traffic intersection and Batch mixing simulations present life-like challenges for the student programmer.


Why this PLC Simulator is now available Free.?

PSIM was developed in 1993 when training for Allen Bradley PLC2 and PLC3 processors was at its peak. At the same time computers were showing up everywhere in Educational and Training facilities. What was needed, was a software based PLC training package that would run on these new computers and reduce if not eliminate the need for $25K-$50K PLC training stations. Also, if the software could also simulate some real-time industrial processes, so much the better. We developed PSIM to do just that! Since 1993, thousands of students in both schools and industry have used PSIM in their PLC programming courses and we now feel that PSIM has more than paid for itself. Even though PSIM is DOS based and emulates an older generation of PLCs, it still remains an excellent tool for introducing students to the fundamentals of PLC programming. As a programmer I'm pleased to make a few extra dollars, but as a teacher, I am even more pleased to see students enthusiastically hone their talents with a tool of my making. I am intent on not letting dollars dull this enthusiasm.



Industrial Applications Software (Simulations):
The PSIM software includes the following simulated processes:

(1) Automated filling system

  • Operator Station Panel and controls
  • Conveyor with position sensors (photo switch)
  • Hopper with motorized chute control
  • Product Level Sensor
  • Conveyor Motor
  • Visual PLC Data Table Display including timers and counters

(2) Batch Mixing system Simulation

  • Operator Control Panel
  • 2 filler pumps and piping
  • 2 flow meters on filler lines
  • 1 mixing motor
  • 1 high level sensor
  • 1 low level sensor
  • 1 gas fired heater (controlled valve)
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 discharge pump
  • 1 discharge flow meter
  • 1 Visual PLC Data Table display including timers and counters

(3) Intersection Traffic Light Control Simulation

  • 2-way traffic lights system
  • 2 Green Lights
  • 2 Red Lights
  • 2 Amber Lights
  • Visual PLC Data Table Display including timers and counters
  • 2 way traffic flow

(4) Hardware Input and Output Simulator

  • 4 toggle switches (SPST)
  • 2 momentary normally open switches
  • 2 momentary normally closed switches
  • 8 controllable lights
  • Visual PLC Data Table Display including timers and counters

PLC Emulator Software

The PSIM software includes a full-featured built-in PLC Emulator package that runs concurrently on the same computer with the Industrial applications software (simulations) described above. With a single keystroke, the user may toggle back and forth between the display of the animated process simulation and the Ladder Rung Program Editor of the emulated PLC.

The Program Editor is both user friendly and full-featured. Students may add, delete and modify program-rungs, branches and instructions using simple menu selections.
To test the new or modified ladder program, a single keystroke toggles the student back to the Process Simulation screen and places the PLC in the 'Run' mode. The process simulation will then react accurately to the student's newly programmed rungs which are constantly being scanned in the background by the PLC run-time emulator.

By incorporating the Editor and run-time scanning of a PLC into software capable of running and interacting with the industrial process simulations, PSIM provides a single computer hi-tech solution to Programmable controller student training, whether running on the network of a computer Lab, or on the users own laptop computer. The PSIM system allows a simple low-cost solution to PLC training while attaining superior student concept retention.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Most Computers capable of running "DOSBox" software
  • 640 KB RAM
  • EGA color display

Obtaining the PSIM PLC Simulator

The complete PSIM program may be downloaded free of charge, for educational use. The program may not be altered or distributed without obtaining prior permission from TheLearningPit

DownLoad PSIM self extracting setup file (2.1MB)


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the self-extracting installation file to a temporary directory.
  2. Double click on the installation file to invoke the self-extracting setup program.
  3. ---Then---
  4. Follow the Instructions in the "psimSetup.exe" program.
  5. The setup program will place a PSIM icon on your desktop for starting the program. Click on the PSIM icon, and ensure the program runs correctly.
  6. You may now delete the download file from the temporary directory.
  7. .... Enjoy!


Professor Bill


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