Electrical DC Theory
Course Description

PROGRAM: Electrician, Electrical Techniques
OPTION: Alternate Delivery

Alernate Delivery Option:

The Electrical DC Theory course is offered as an Alternate delivery subject. In this form of delivery, the student is assigned a schedule, wherein at least 50% of the prescribed course work is sheduled for completion while away from the classroom.

Lesson directives, assignments and highlights are published within these Internet pages. Student feedback is accomplished using end-of-chapter quizes and email returned assignments.

Course Objective

You will develop an understanding of fundamental electrical principles in relation to series parallel and combination resistive circuits.


The Electrician or Electrical Technician must be able to understand the the operating principles of circuits, so that he or she will be able to correctly install and service basic electrical control and power installations.

Terminal Performance Objectives

Demonstrate an understanding of electron theory.

Describe the requirements for a simple electrical circuit.

Define voltage, current and resistance.

Describe the effects of an electrical current on the human body.

Apply Ohm's Law to calculate series, parallel and combination DC circuits.

Apply Kirchoff's Laws to analyze series, parallel and combination Dc circuits.

Analyze and calculate power in series, parallel and combination DC circuits.

Define the units of mechanical work and power.

Analyze and calculate current flow and power characteristics in 2-wire and 3-wire distribution systems.

Perform calculations relating to wire measurements, AWG, SI units, resistively, line loss and temperature coefficients.

Calculate a customer's energy bill using kilowatt/hour units.

Describe the characteristics of primary and secondary cells.

Name and explain the principles of operation of common sources of EMF.

Describe the relationship between magnetism and EMF.

Required Text

The most recent edition of Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity.

Policies And Expectations for Learning

Students are required to complete all assignments on the computer at home as assigned by the instructor.

Evaluation Criteria

There will be two tests for this course.

Each test will be worth 1/2 of your final mark.

Tests will be in multiple choice format, or take home assignments and will be done at Durham College or another site as directed by the instructor. Students will be given advance notice of test dates.

Instructional Methods

This course will be computer based. The student will answer questions based on various types circuits.

Sequence Of Instruction

The sequence of instruction will be detailed in the Unit Lesson Plans.

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