Glossary of Terms - H

Half Cycle of Current - A half loop of current having a duration of 0.00833 seconds.

Half Loop of current - The amount of time it takes the current to go from one zero reference to another.

Harmonic - Sinusoidal component of an arc voltage that is a multiple of the fundamental wave frequency.

Harmonic Distortion - The presence of harmonics that change an ac voltage waveform from sinusoidal to complex.

Heat Run Test - A test used to determine the temperature rise of a device under rated load.

Heavy Duty - A lightning impulse classifying current category for distribution class arresters defined by ANSI/IEEE C62.11. A heavy duty rated arrester has a 10,000 amperage impulse value crest (refer to normal duty).

Hertz (Hz) - Expression of ac frequency in cycles per second, e.g., 60 Hz.

High-amp ELSP - CPS's three inch diameter, 125-200 A, ELSP Fuses.

High Voltage and Low Voltage Windings - Terms used to distinguish the winding having the greater voltage rating from that having the lesser in two-winding transformers. The terminations on the high voltage windings are identified by H1, H2, etc., and on the low voltage by X1, X2, etc.

HV - High voltage.

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