Glossary of Terms - R

Radial Feed - One primary bushing per phase.

Radio-Influence Voltage (RIV) - A high frequency voltage, generated by all sources of ionization current, that appears at the terminals of electric power apparatus or on power circuits.

Rating - The rating of an arrester - either duty cycle or MCOV rating.

Ratio - A reference to either the turns ratio or the voltage ratio of a transformer.

Reactance - A component of impedance produced by either inductance or capacitance in an ac circuit.

Reactor - A device for introducing inductive reactance into a circuit for motor starting, operating transformers in parallel, and controlling current.

Recloser - An automatic, high-voltage electric switch (see "What is a Recloser?").

Recovery Voltage - The voltage potential established across the open electrodes of an overcurrent protection device after clearing the circuit at a current zero; a term used to designate the voltage impressed by the circuit upon the interrupting device after interruption of the current at or about the time of a natural current zero.

Reduced Capacity Tap - Tap that is not designed to deliver the rated capacity of the transformer.

Reference Current (Iref) - The reference current is the peak value of the resistive component of a power frequency current high enough to make the effects of stray capacitance of the arrester negligible. This current level shall be specified by the manufacturer.

Reference Voltage (Vref) - The lowest peak value independent of polarity of power frequency voltage, divided by the square root of 2, required to produce a resistive component of current equal to the reference current of the arrester or arrester element. The reference voltage of a multi-unit arrester is the sum of the reference voltages of the series units. The voltage level shall be specified by the manufacturer.

Resistor - Any device of material that limits the flow of current when voltage is applied.

Resonance - A state in which the capacitance and the inductance values in a circuit are equal (net reactance is equal to zero) and the only quantity left is resistance.

Resonant Frequency - Frequency at which the voltage and the current at the input terminals are in phase. Reactance is equal to zero.

RMS Line Current - The square root of the average of the squares of all the instantaneous current amplitudes occurring during one cycle.

Routine Tests - Test made by the manufacturer on every device or representative samples, or on parts or materials, as required, to verify that the product meets the design specifications.

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