Glossary of Terms - W

Waveshape Designation - The wave shape of an impluse (other than rectangular) of a current or voltage is designated by a combination of two number. The first, an index of the wave front, is the virtual duration of the wave front in microseconds. The second, an index of the wave tail, is the time in microseconds from the virtual zero to the instant at which one-half of the crest value is reached on the wave tail. Examples are 1.2/50 and 8/20 microsecond wave' the wave shape of a rectangular impulse of current or voltage is designated by two numbers. The first designates the minimum value of the current of voltage that is sustained for the time in microseconds designated by the second number. An example is 75 A, 2000 microsecond wave.

Weatherproof - A device constructed so that exposure to weather will not interfere with successful operation.

Withstand voltage - The highest value of applied voltage at which equipment will not flash over.

Wye Connection - A three-phase connection in which similar ends of each phase winding are connected together at a common point which forms the electrical neutral and is often grounded.

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