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This download (stulabs.exe) contains a self-extracting installation program which when executed will place a local copy of the LogixPro Student Exercises into the LogixPro directory on your computer.

It is recommended that you download this file (stulabs.exe) to your desktop or a temporary folder on your computer making note of the file name... Once downloaded, you can double click on the file to start the installation procedure... Just click on Continue at each prompt... When the installation is complete, you may then delete the setup file from your desktop or temporary directory.

Once installed, you will then be able to access the Student Exercises directly from within LogixPro using the LogixPro Help Menu entry for same... These files are in html format, and thus your Internet browser will still be employed for displaying the exercises, but with a considerable increase in speed and convienence... In addition, an Icon is added to the Programs group for LogixPro, providing an alternative method of viewing the Exercises.





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