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What exactly is LogixPro?

LogixPro is actually 3 major programs in one. First LogixPro contains a RSLogix look-alike editor which allows you to create and edit Ladder Logic programs using many of the same basic programming instructions utilized by Allen Bradley's RSLogix500. The look, feel and operation of the ladder rung editor so closely mimics Allen Bradley's that many will need a second look to be sure who's editor they're using.

Secondly, LogixPro contains a software PLC emulator which we simply call "The PLC". The PLC has much of the same functionality that an actual Allen Bradley PLC has. You may download your Ladder Logic programs to it just as you would with an actual PLC. Place The PLC into the "Run" mode, and it scans the I/O and executes your program just as you would expect of the real thing. You can't take a screwdriver to it, but you can't accidentally break it either, and you never have to replace it's batteries.

Thirdly, LogixPro contains the ProSimII simulations package. This is a collection of software simulations of real-world equipment that are graphically depicted on your computer's screen. Select the "Silo Simulator" with it's conveyor, proximity switches and solenoid controlled filling station, and you now have a real-world process that you can attempt to control. To do so, you of course must first write a proper Ladder Logic program, then download it to The PLC, and lastly place The PLC into the "Run" mode. If you did everything correctly, then the boxes will run along the conveyor being filled as they pass through the filling station. If you didn't do everything correctly, then you may end up with a plant full of product, a scolding from "Merlin", and some serious troubleshooting ahead of you. Just like the real world, but a lot less costly!!...and you can always tell Merlin to just go away.

LogixPro is actually far superior to many custom designed PLC training stations that employ actual PLCs and utilize the full RSLogix software package. These dedicated stations commonly employ a handful of switches and lights to represent the imagined real-world process, and are incapable of responding in a synchronous fashion. If you turn on a light which supposedly represents a conveyor, nothing actually moves. You must then manually indicate that the conveyed object is in position by toggling a switch. With LogixPro however, your computer graphically simulates the full motion and operation of the process equipment just as would happen with real equipment. The synchronous and interactive nature of a real industrial processes is retained, and presents the student with a far more realistic and challenging programming experience. The fact that you can accomplish all this using just a computer, makes LogixPro ideal for PLC training wherever you go.


Who is using LogixPro for training?

Since LogixPro may now be obtained from a number of sources, it would be a bit of a challenge coming up with a definitive list... However, my web page LogixPro Users does list the many of those schools and training facilities that dealt directly with me when adopting LogixPro for use in their courses..


Are there different versions of LogixPro available?

Yes, and No...LogixPro is still a work in progress, and as such is updated whenever new features are added. When this happens, the update is typically given a different version number and date just to keep track of them, and then placed on my site for download...There is however only one LogixPro program available at any point in time. The same program that is available for downloaded from my site, is also included on the CD/Key Edition of LogixPro whether it is obtained from TheLearningPit or included with a textbook etc... The version date may vary, but users can always update to the latest version at any time by simply running the LogixPro Quick Update on my site....And;..Yes,,,,the Trial edition of LogixPro is the exact same program, but limited in it's operation until unlocked with a key.


Do I need anything besides LogixPro in order to learn about PLCs?

LogixPro allows you to practice and develop your RSLogix programming skills where and when you want... It replaces the PLC, ladder rung editor, and all the electrical components that have until now, been required to learn RSLogix.... It doesn't however, replace instructors, texts, tutorials or PLC documentation manuals etc. which are so essential when learning about PLCs and RSLogix... Think of LogixPro as a Word Processor which will allow you to practice your literary skills after you are familiar with the meaning of words and how they are spelled... If you're not comfortable with what a PLC is, and how it operates then please review this page PLC Training - How to Get Started before proceeding further.


Are solutions to the student exercises available?

Unfortunately, sample programs or solutions won't be made available now, or in the foreseeable future... When I selected the word "unfortunately", I truly meant that I'm sorry for any disappointment this policy may cause, but I am firmly convinced that this policy is in the best interest of the majority..

Most LogixPro users are students who's instructors have endorsed or adopted LogixPro for their course. In turn, the vast majority of these instructors have expressed the desire that I do not openly distribute solutions for the simulations... As an instructor myself, I fully understand this desire to control both the timing and quantity of assistance provided to the student.... When a student should receive assistance in the form of example snippets of code etc., is really a judgment call, which I'm certainly not in a position to question, except with my own students... Instructors are however unanimous in their opinion, that providing complete solutions, that will simply be loaded, and then observed by the student, is of little or no educational value.

This situation is obviously a problem when it comes to self directed students, or those who are experienced with PLCs, but new to RSLogix. In this case some examples would make perfect sense, but I have not yet devised a way to identify these students.


Where can I get help with my Ladder Logic program?

If you are enrolled in a formal PLC course, then the answer is obvious... If you aren't, then you are facing a much more difficult situation... I would truly love to help anyone who asks, but there are limits as to what a single person can do... Teaching, maintaining a website, supporting LogixPro, and answering dozens of emails daily, just doesn't leave enough time for me to get involved in one-on-one tutoring of this nature

If you don't have an instructor, or know a competent PLC programmer, then your best bet is to use the resources now available on the Internet... There are a number of PLC focused sites that have Q&A bulletin boards where you can post PLC related questions, and have them responded to by one or more of the experts who frequent these boards... The secret to success however, is to never ask anyone to do all, or most of the work for you... Before you post your first question, make sure you do a bit of homework... Read through previous posts, and learn how to search for earlier threads relating to questions similar to yours... Be sure to take the time to clearly define what your question is, and what steps you have already taken towards finding a solution... If you really want to be successful, then learn how to include portions of your ladder rung program along with your question... This may sound like a lot of work,,,and it is!, but that's what it takes to do this sort of thing on your own... I'd suggest you start with the Q&A boards at PLCs.net and/or MrPLC.com, and try not to take offense to the occasional snarly reply.


I've had problems with my computer and LogixPro won't run. What do I do?

If LogixPro ran before on your computer, then it is likely that one/or more files that LogixPro requires have been either damaged, deleted, or are no longer properly registered... Trying to determine which file(s) it might be is generally not worth the effort... The best solution is to simply un-install LogixPro using the entry provided in the LogixPro group menu, or use the "Add or Remove" selection in the Control Panel... Afterwards, download and install a "fresh" copy of LogixPro, or if you have a CD/Key, simply insert it into your drive, and you'll be prompted to do a new install... if the foregoing fails to remedy the problem read the following question about general installation concerns.


What things should I look for if I have problems installing or running LogixPro?

LogixPro has been developed using Microsoft VB and uses many of the common MS Windows files which are normally located in your system directory... Most Windows based systems will have all the required files, but occasionally one or more of thes files can be deleted or damaged, by mistake, or by faulty uninstall programs... The best way that one can ensure that they have all the files to support programs written in Microsoft languages is to keep ones system updated by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update page often... Additionally if you do not already have the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 installed, I'd strongly reccomend that you do so now... Installing Internet Explorer is one sure way of ensuring that many of those lesser used, but often essential Microsoft dll files are on your system and registered properly....


I receive an Error that a Microsoft file is missing..What should I do?

LogixPro is written in Microsoft Visual Basic and requires that the standard Microsoft system files be available and registered in Windows.. If you receive an error of this type you should first ensure that your version of Windows is up-to-date, and failing that you should try re-installing the core Microsoft system files using the following Microsoft download.. Microsoft VB6 Support Files


The software key I was given won't work. what should I do?

Send me the full name you used when you registered LogixPro, along with the "Computer ID Code" that is currently displayed in the LogixPro start-up dialog box... If your key worked previously, then please indicate whether you have made any changes to your system, and provide a brief description as to what they were.


Do I need a software key if I buy the CD/Key edition of LogixPro?

With the CD/Key edition of LogixPro, the CD itself acts as the key to unlock LogixPro.. All copies of the LogixPro program dated August/2002 or later will look to see if a CD/Key is present in the computer's CD drive when starting up... If a CD/Key is detected, then LogixPro will attempt to validate the CD, and will startup fully unlocked if it succeeds... The CD/Key should work with any **true Win95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP computer regardless of how LogixPro was originally installed... Although an installation program is included with the CD, it is not necessary that this particular program be used to do the install,... **Note: the CD/Key can not be used with MAC computers even if 'Virtual PC' software is installed...


Will LogixPro run on MAC computers?

It may, but the CD/Key Edition can not be utilized on MAC computers... A number of users have had success however running LogixPro on MAC computers that have 'Virtual PC' installed.. The only way to find out for sure, is to download LogixPro and run the installation program... If you decide to do this, then make sure to use the smallest of the available installation downloads; the one that does not include Microsoft Agent... There is a very good chance that this will work, and if it does, then a regular software key may be utilized for unlocking LogixPro as normal... If you have already installed a version of LogixPro that included MSAgent, then uninstall LogixPro, using the uninstall selection in the LogixPro folder, and then proceed as above...


How do I go about creating my own simulations?

At the present time, user created simulations are not supported... It's our hope to someday provide some support for this, but it is not likely to happen in the near future... I will however be adding new simulations to LogixPro, and welcome suggestions as to what they might be from LogixPro users...


Can I transfer programs to and from RSLogix?

LogixPro was primarily designed as a tool to augment and enhance PLC training programs such as those offered at many colleges, and we have intentionally steered away from any attempt towards adapting it for normal commercial use... AB/Rockwell has been very tolerant relative to copyright issues, but this could conceivably change if it appeared that LogixPro was competing with RSLogix rather then complimenting it in an educational context... With this in mind, we have not provided any means of connecting to an actual PLC, nor is the transfer of programs to and from RSLogix supported... This is more or less our policy at this time, although it is possible that the file transfer issue may be revisited..


How do I change the CPU type, Rack size, and I/O card types?

Similar to an actual installation, the hardware configuration for LogixPro has to match the simulation that is being displayed and used... In this regard the LogixPro environment is the same as you would have with an existing PLC installation... Once the equipment is selected, the PLC is installed, wired, and configured, there should be no further changes to the configuration unless hardware is relocated or added... To permit configuration changes in LogixPro would be a major undertaking yet serve little purpose as the simulated hardware can not be altered...


When installing LogixPro I get a message indicating that I must have administrator rights.?

Because the LogixPro installation program writes files to your system directory, you must have administrator (not user) privileges to install LogixPro on NT and XP systems....


When installing LogixPro I get a message about a missing DLL file?

A message that a required DLL (MSVCRT.DLL) was not found, or Process error referencing (Regsvr32 /s windows\msagent\AgentCtl.dll) is likely due to the Microsoft MSVCRT.DLL not being on your system... Installation of Microsoft Agent requires the proper installation of Regsvr32.exe, Msvcrt.dll (the Microsoft C run-time library), and up-to-date OLE dlls... The best way to ensure that all the correct system files are present is to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.... Optionally you may download and install LogixPro using the smallest installation program which does not include MSAgent support...


Distorted Graphics and Text!?

Problem: Components and/or text appear to be missing or out of place in the simulations, or within some instuctions in the ladder logic editor window.

Likely Cause:
It is most likely that one, or more of your display settings have been changed from their original Windows default values.

Possible Solution:

.... Go to the Windows "Control Panel" (Start-Settings-Control Panel) and double-click on the "Display" icon or entry.
.... Locate the Windows default font size by clicking "Settings" tab then "Advanced" button, and ensure that you have small, or normal selected as the default size.
.... After you have changed the setting(s), click on "Apply" and restart Windows if advised to do so.

.... Go to the Windows "Control Panel" (Start-Settings-Control Panel) and double-click on the "Display" icon or entry.
.... Locate the default dpi setting clicking "Settings" tab, then "Advanced" button, and select "Normal size 96 DPI".
.... Locate the Windows default font size by clicking "Apperance" tab then "Advanced" button, and ensure that you have small, or normal selected as the default size.
.... After you have changed the setting(s), click on "Apply" and restart Windows if advised to do so.

.... Go to the Windows "Control Panel" (Start-Control Panel) and double-click on "Appearance and Personalization".
.... Click on "Personalization" and then locate the "Adjust Font Size (DPI)" entry in the left pane.
.... Click on "Adjust Font Size", and select 96 DPI.








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