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If you are New To PLCs then Please Read This.!

LogixPro allows you to practice and develop your RSLogix programming skills where and when you want. It replaces the PLC, ladder rung editor, and all the electrical components that have until now, been required to learn RSLogix. It doesn't however, replace instructors, texts, tutorials or PLC documentation manuals etc. which are so essential when learning about PLCs and RSLogix. Think of LogixPro as a Word Processor which will allow you to practice your literary skills after you are familiar with the meaning of words and how they are spelled. If you're not comfortable with what a PLC is and how it operates then please review this page first: PLC Training - How to Get Started


The LogixPro Screen

The most commonly used elements of LogixPro are displayed below. The Edit Panel provides easy access to all the RSLogix instructions and they may be simply dragged and dropped into your program.

Once your program is ready for testing, clicking on the "Toggle Button" of the Edit Panel will bring the PLC Panel into view. From the PLC Panel you can download your program to the "PLC" and then place it into the "RUN" mode. This will initiate the scanning of your program and the I/O of your chosen simulation.

Editing Your Program

If your familiar with Windows and how to use a mouse, then you are going to find editing a breeze. Both Instructions and Rungs are selected simply by clicking on them with the left mouse button. Deleting is then just a matter of hitting the Del key on your keyboard.

Double Clicking (2 quick clicks) with the left mouse button allows you to edit an instruction's address while right clicking (right mouse button) displays a pop-up menu of related editing commands.

Click on an Instruction or Rung with the left mouse button and keep it held down and you will be able to drag it wherever you please. Let go of it on any of the tiny locating boxes that you will see, and the Instruction or Rung will cling to it's new home. Isn't Windows Grand!


Debugging Your Program

If you take a look at the PLC Panel you'll notice an adjustable Speed Control. This is not a component of normal PLCs, but is provided with LogixPro so that you may adjust the speed of the simulations to suit your particular computer.

When the simulation is slowed, so is the PLC scanning. You can use this to good effect when trying to debug your program. Set the scan slow enough and you can easily monitor how your program's instructions are responding. This capability may not be typical of real PLCs, but for Training Purposes, you will find that it is an invaluable debugging tool.


RSLogix Documentation

Be sure to check out the entries listed under "RSLogix/LogixPro Reference Documents & Links" on the lower half of the LogixPro Index page. Also, if you have the space on your hard drive, then seriously consider installing the "AB SLC® Instruction Set Reference Manual". An installation program has been provided which will integrate this Manual into the LogixPro Help menu and give you high speed access to the wealth of information it contains.


Where To Go Next

The LogixPro Student Exercises are designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of RSLogix programming. The exercises should be tackled in the sequence listed and the steps and directions of each exercise should be followed closely. In some cases, you may guess correctly, that there are simpler ways to accomplish a task that we assign. Just remember however, that making your life simpler is not our primary goal. We want you to learn, and that sometimes means having you do things the hard way at times.

If you run into problems with the exercises or LogixPro itself, remember that this is still relatively new material and software. Don't waste too much time trying to figure out some program action that seems amiss. Just email us, and we'll do our best to either fix or explain the problem.

 Professor Bill ....Enjoy!




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