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LogixPro® 500 Download Page

There is no need to uninstall an earlier version of LogixPro before downloading, and installing the most recent version from this page. Download the selected file to your desktop, or a temporary folder on your computer making note of the file name...

Once downloaded, you can double click on the file to start the installation procedure... By default LogixPro will be installed under TheLearningPit menu entry created in your Programs folder .. Just click on Continue at each prompt... Once the installation is complete you may delete the setup file from your desktop or temporary directory.


Full LogixPro 500 Installation Program c/w MSagent, RSLogix Documentation, and Student Exercises (12.8MB)
 Primary Site!

This download will install the latest version of the LogixPro 500 program, and also installs the Allen Bradley RSLogix Programming Reference Manual, plus all the Student Exercises currently listed on the LogixPro 500 Student Exercises and Documentation page.