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ProSim II

Programmable Process Simulations

What is ProSim-II?

ProSim-II Simulations is an interactive educational tool, developed to assist students in the acquisition of the programming skills used in the control of process oriented equipment and systems. Although designed primarily for use with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), the flexible interface of the ProSim package readily allows it to be used with any computer programming language which supports ActiveX objects in a MS Windows environment.

Typical industrial processes such as material transfer operations using a conveyor or batch mixing tanks complete with pumps and metering are graphically displayed on the screen. The displayed processes are fully animated and when used with a PLC or PLC emulator, will respond to the signals of the PLC in the same manner that actual process equipment and sensors would respond. For example, a properly addressed PLC output can be used to start a pump on a mixing tank. Once started, visual indication of the pump's rotation and fluid flow will appear on the computer screen. In addition, a digital signal representative of fluid flow would be transferred back as an input to the PLC program.



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Industrial Applications Software (Simulations):
The ProSim-II software includes the following simulated processes:

(1) Hardware I/O and BCD Simulator/Tester/Demonstrator

  • 32 switches (2x16), user selectable by type
  • 32 lights (2x16), user selectable color
  • 4 Hexidecimal LED displays
  • 4 Binary Coded Decimal Thumbwheel Switches

(2) Motorized Garage Door simulation
  • Operator Station Panel and controls
  • Up, Down and Stop Push-button Station
  • Run, Open, Shut Panel Indicators
  • Open and Closed limit swithes
  • Bi-directional Door Motor

(3) Automated filling system
  • Operator Station Panel and controls
  • Conveyor with position sensors (photo switch)
  • Hopper with motorized chute control
  • Product Level Sensor
  • Conveyor Motor

(4) Intersection Traffic Light Control Simulation
  • 2-way traffic intersection system
  • 2 Green Lights
  • 2 Red Lights
  • 2 Amber Lights
  • 2 Walk/Don't Walk Lights
  • 2 Pedestrian Walk Buttons
  • 2 Vehicle Sensor Grid Switches

(5) Batch Mixing system Simulation
  • Operator Control Panel
  • 2 filler pumps and piping
  • 2 flow meters on filler lines
  • 1 mixing motor
  • 2 level sensors (hi and low)
  • 1 gas fired heater (controlled valve)
  • 1 temperature controller
  • 1 discharge pump
  • 1 discharge flow meter

(6) (BCD) Binary Coded Decimal Simulator
  • 2 Hexidecimal LED displays
  • 2 Decimal/Hexidecimal Thumbwheel Switches
  • User Option of Decimal or Hexidecimal Modes
  • Real-time Bit Indication Status

(7) (Comp) Dual Compressor Control Simulator
  • Operator Control Panel
  • 2 compressors and motors
  • User adjustable Air-flow utilization.
  • 2 Pressure Switches (adjustable setpoint and span)
  • 2 Binary Coded Decimal LED displays
  • 2 Binary Coded Decimal Thumbwheel Switches

(8) 4 Floor Elevator Simulator
  • Car mounted Control Panel c/w switches and lamps
  • Bi-directional Door Motor c/w limit switches
  • Bi-directional Elevator Motor c/w shaft encoder
  • 6 Wall mounted service request switches c/w built in lamps.
  • 4 Wall mounted plus 1 car mounted floor indicator lamps (quad)

(9) Bottle Line Simulator
  • Full Operator Control Panel
  • 3 Controllable Conveyors
  • Presence, Bottle Size, and Broken Bottle Detection Switches
  • Scrap Divertor Gate, and Scrap Grinder
  • Scrap Boxing Conveyor Line
  • 2 Product Filling Station
  • 2 Product Capping Station
  • 2nd Product Divertor Gate

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC 486 100Mhz
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Hard disk drive
  • VGA color display using default small fonts
  • Microsoft Windows95/98/NT/2K/XP installed

Obtaining ProSim-II

The latest version of ProSim-II is included in all LogixPro downloads. If you have, or will be installing LogixPro, then there is no need to download ProSim-II separately at this time.


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