The Advanced
Batch Mixing Lab


A Programmable Batch Mixing System

    Exit to the Main Menu and select the Batch Mixing simulation.

    Using your knowledge of PLC instructions, design a program to meet the following requirements:

    • The batch mixing process will run as a continuous operation which may be stopped or started at any time using switches S1 and S2.

    • The tank is to be filled with a mixture obtained from the separate fill lines using pumps P1 and P2. A counter will control the quantity of product obtained from Line 1 (P1) while the remainder will come from Line 2 (P2). The tank is to be filled to the point where the Hi-Level sensor goes true.

    • When filling is complete, the Full light will turn On. Heater O:1/04 and Mixer O:1/00 will be started allowing the mixture to begin heating. Thermostat I:1/04 is used to control the temperature limit.

    • The mixer will continue to run for 4 seconds after the mixture reaches the desired temperature. When the mixer stops, pump P3 will be used to drain the product from the tank. The tank will be drained to the point where the Lo-Level sensor trips.

    • Once emptied, the fill, mix, heat process will repeat.

    • A second counter will be used to track the number of batches that have been mixed. The batch count will be controllable by adjusting the counter's preset.

    • Separate counters will be used to track the quantity of product that has been taken from the 2 individual fill lines.

    • Run-time timers will be used to keep track of The accumalated Mixer, and Heater operation times.

    Once you have the program designed enter it into the PLC and confirm it's operation.





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