The Batch Mix Lab
Utilizing PLC Counters


Filling the Batch Mixing Tank

    Exit to the Main Menu and select the Batch Mixing simulation.

    Using your knowledge of PLC counters, design a program to meet the following requirements:

    • When switch S2 is pressed, pump P1 will be energized and the tank will start to fill. The pulses generated by flowmeter FL1 should be used to increment a counter.

    • When the count reaches a value where the tank is approximately 90% full, the pump is to be shut-off and and the status panel FULL light is to be energized.

    • The filling operation is to halt immediately if the stop switch S1 is pressed.

    Note: exiting to the main menu and then returning to the batch mix simulation will clear the tank etc. and allow you to retry your program.



Emptying the Batch Mix Tank

    Modify your program so that:

  • The mixer will run for 8 seconds once the tank is full.

  • When the mixer stops, pump P3 is to be started and the tank is to be drained till the counter's accumalator reaches zero.

  • Pressing switch S2 will cause the sequence to repeat.



Continuous Operation

    Modify your program so that the filling and emptying sequence will repeat continuously once it has been started by the initial pressing of switch S2.

  • Ensure that the RUN light is energized when the mixer or either pump is running.

  • The STANDBY light should light and the process should halt when the Stop button is pressed.

  • The process should restart where it left off if the the Start button is pressed following a Stop.





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