Word Compare Instructions
Introductory Lab


Word Comparison Instructions

  • From the Main Menu of the PSIM program, select the I/O simulation display.

  • Toggle Function Key [F2] until the minimum I/O Data Table is displayed in the upper box of the display, and the Counter Table is displayed in the lower box of the Data table display.

  • Select the Rung Editor [F5] and enter the following ladder Logic program.

  • Once you have entered your program, select the Program Utility menu and save your program to disk. Now exit the Rung Editor and return to the I/O simulation Display.

  • Open and Close switch I:1/00 a number of times and carefully observe the incrementing of C1's accumalator and the operation of the 3 lights which are controlled by your program.

  • Continue incrementing the counter until the "RES" instruction in rung #2 is activated.

  • What was the highest count achieved before the "RES" instruction zeroed the accumalator?

  • Highest accumalator count: ________

  • Increment the counter again through its range and note the accumalator values which allow the lights O:1/00, O:1/01 and O:1/02 to be energized. Note the values on the appropriate rungs listed below.





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