Getting Started with PSIM


Where to Begin?
Hardware Requirements
Program Installation
Starting PSIM




Where to Begin?

Once you have the PSIM program installed and running you may begin with the first of the Student Exercises. The first exercise will lead you in a detailed step-by-step fashion through the process of entering and testing simple relay logic program rungs using the PSIM program. In these exercises it is imperative that you follow the sequence of instructions exactly, and in the order presented.

Before proceeding with any exercise, the student should first ensure that he or she has thoroughly reviewed the PLC instruction descriptions relative to that section.



Hardware Requirements

Psim simulation software has been designed to operate on an IBM PC platform with the following minimum hardware requirements:

  • IBM 386 SX 25
  • 640 KB main memory
  • Hard Disk drive
  • 1.44 MB, 3.5 inch diskette or 1.2 MB 5 1/4 inch diskette.
  • VGA colour display.

Users may find that this software will, in fact, run on computers with lesser power, however it should be noted that the speed of the animation will be affected accordingly.




For Windows based installations follow the directions in the Setup program when downloading from this site.

A "DOS" based Installation program is included with the PSIM distribution diskette. This program will allow you to install all the required PSIM files to a selected sub-directory on your Hard Drive. To run the the Install program:

  1. Place the PSIM distribution diskette into either drive A: or B: of your computer.
  2. Log onto the selected drive (A: or B:)
  3. Type INSTALL at the DOS prompt.

The Install program will guide through the installation procedure and allow you to either run the PSIM program or return to DOS when the installation is complete.




Starting PSIM

For Windows based installations PSIM is started simply by double-clicking on the PSIM shortcut in the Start/Programs/TheLearningPit folder.

*** For DOS based installations only: ***

Once PSIM is installed on your Hard Drive the PSIM program may be started by typing PSIM once you are in the selected PSIM sub-directory.

  1. CD C:\PSIM (use the DOS change directory command 'CD')
  2. PSIM

Note: If you selected a different sub-directory name during the installation procedure you will have to use it in place of the default 'PSIM' when changing directories.

If you have purchased the optional PSIM I/O interface board and intend to run PSIM with an External PLC you will need to supply a command line option. See the PSIM I/O interface manual for a description of starting PSIM with an external programmable controller connected.






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