The Silo Lab
Using Relay Logic


The Silo Simulator

From the Main Menu Screen Select the Silo Simulator


Controlling the Conveyor

Design and test a ladder control circuit for the Silo Simulator which will incorporate the following Sequence of Operations:

  • Start the conveyor when the Start Switch ([F2] key) is momentarily pressed.
  • Stop the conveyor when the Stop Switch ([F1] key) is momentarily pressed.
  • Energize the RUN status light when conveyor is moving.
  • Energize the STANDBY status light when the conveyor is stopped.
  • Energize FULL light when box is within the range of the photosensor.


Continuous Operation

Completely design and de-bug a ladder control circuit which will automatically position and fill the boxes which are continuously sequenced along the conveyor. Ensure that the following details are also met:

  • The sequence can be stopped and re-started at any time using the Stop and Start switches.
  • The RUN light will remain energized as long as the system is operating automatically.
  • The STANDBY light will energize and the RUN light de-energize whenever the system is halted via the STOP switch.
  • The FULL light will energize when the box is full and will remain energized until the box has moved clear of the photosensor.


Container Filling with Manual Restart

Alter or re-write your program so that it incorporates the following changes:

  • Stop the conveyor and energize the STANDBY light when the right edge of the box is first sensed by the photosensor.
  • With the box in position and the conveyor stopped, open the solenoid valve and allow the box to fill. Filling should stop when the Level sensor goes true.
  • Energize the FULL light when the box is full. The Full light should remain energized until the box is moved clear of the photosensor.
  • Once the box is full, momentarily pressing the Start Switch ([F2]) will move the box off the conveyor and bring a new box into position.





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