PSIM in DOSBox -- Download Page

The following download (psimSetup.exe) is a self-extracting setup file. It is recommended that you download the selected file to your desktop, or a temporary folder on your computer. Once downloaded, simply double click on the "psimSetup.exe" file to start the installation procedure...

By default PSIM will be installed within a new folder named "C:/PSIM-in-DOSBox".. You may later move, or copy this directory to a different drive, but it is recommended that you install into the root of the targeted drive,,, such as "e:/ PSIM-in-DOSBox"

When installing, just click on Continue at each prompt... Once the installation is complete you may delete the setup file from your desktop or temporary directory.


Full PSIM c/w DOSBox Installation (2.1MB)    Download PSIM!