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What you should know, and do before Purchasing LogixPro 500

Please ensure that you have the latest version of LogixPro 500 installed. The software version date is displayed in the "Trial Mode" dialog box, and also in the "About LogixPro" dialog box available from the LogixPro "Help" menu. If the version date is earlier than Jan/01/2011 then you should Update LogixPro by downloading, and installing the latest version of the LogixPro 500 from this web site prior to proceeding with your purchase.  Go to the LogixPro Download Page

LogixPro is currently licensed for single computer use only. If you wish to run LogixPro on more than one computer, it is necessary to separately license each computer. Since a license key can not be returned once issued, all sales are considered final and non-refundable.

Prior to purchasing LogixPro, you must first download, and install LogixPro on the computer you intend to license LogixPro for. Once installed, LogixPro will display a Trial Mode dialog box when started, and within the dialog box is a 12 digit Computer Identification code which uniquely identifies your computer. You will need to know this 12 digit hex number (hexadecimal uses the numerals 0 to 9 and the letters a to f ) and enter it into the text box below.

If you entered this page by clicking on the "Purchasing LogixPro" button in LogixPro, the 12 digit Computer ID code for the computer you are sitting at will be displayed below.

Computer ID code:  

Please ensure that the Computer ID code from the computer you wish to license is listed above!


What you do, and do not receive when you purchase LogixPro 500

The copy of LogixPro 500 you have running on your computer is the complete LogixPro 500 program as it exists today with the exception that File Save and Print have been disabled. In addition, only the I/O, Door, and Silo simulations may be utilized while in the Trial mode. When you purchase LogixPro 500, you will receive a user registration "Key" consisting of a name and number which will unlock these functions making LogixPro fully operable. In addition, as a registered LogixPro user you will be entitled to 12 months of free software updates, and technical support.

No other materials or software are required or provided upon purchasing. All available LogixPro/RSLogix documentation, manuals and student exercises are currently displayed on the LogixPro 500 .... Student Exercises and Documentation page which you should carefully review prior to purchasing. In addition, LogixPro is sold "As Is", and it is recommended that you take full advantage of the free Trial Mode of operation to do a thorough evaluation of LogixPro's features and limitations prior to making a final purchasing decision.



Secure Online Ordering using your PayPal account, or your choice of Credit Card     ...... Currently just $38 (US Funds)

When you click on the "BuyNow" button Fast and Secure processing by PayPal you will first be requested to enter a user name after which you will be taken to the LogixPro secure payment page where your payment transaction will take place. If you have a PayPal account, enter your email address and PayPal password, else simply click on the "Checkout as Guest" option.

When you reach the PayPal page confirming your payment has been approved, please take care not to slow, or hinder PayPal from returning you directly to our server where your LogixPro Key will be displayed. If the transfer fails, you'll have to wait until we have processed your purchase details, and emailed your LogixPro Receipt complete with Key to you.



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